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Freckle Cream Is Possible Amelia Earhart Evidence: Investigators Connect the Dots

Geek girls, remember to pack your moisturizer when you go out to break world records: one day, they just might figure out what happened to you thanks to what’s in your purse.

Shards of a glass container once containing freckle fade cream has been discovered on Nikumaroro Island, a tiny dot of land in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) believes the reconstructed jar could have been the property of aviatrix and apparent freckle-hater Amelia Earhart, who disappeared 75 years ago while she was trying to set a new world record for flying around the world along the equator. Researchers have noted that this item would have been something Earhart kept with her since history has noted how she disliked her own freckles.

Many theories have surrounded the disappearance of Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan. Some of the more colorful tales include aliens (she was even included in a Star Trek: Voyager episode, yes, we watched Voyager, shut up) while others involve tales of wartime espionage and capture by the Japanese. For many years, historians postulated that the duo may have crashed near Howland Island, but during the last few decades, TIGHAR has been collecting anecdotal evidence along with circumstantial physical items like shoes and heat-damaged bottles that they hope point to Earhart’s survival on this island. They will present their findings and theories during a weekend conference dedicated to Earhart in Washington, D.C.


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