Teen Grad’s Math Papers Add Up to Fashion Expression

Work or wardrobe? Could be both, if your grades are good.

You’ll be sorry you basted your homework with gravy and called the dog when you see what 17-year-old Kara Koskowich did with her leftover papers.

She sewed them together to create her graduation dress, a nifty little number decorated with solved equations from a previous term. The Canadian teen even positioned the math in an “explosion” pattern so the problems and diagrams seem to burst out from the center of the dress.

Koskowich admits there were some variables in the construction, namely the fact that she is a procrastinator and barely finished the frock before the ceremony.

Her friend, Maura Pozek, made her own dress from plastic bags, which looks like a lovely ballerina-style skirt from a distance. Pozek said that even though their dresses cost nothing and everyone was dressed to the nines, she and Koskowich were the most popular kids there. That’s the power of geek, girlfriend, and the amazing lure of creativity and individuality.



Photo credit: Flickr/Deeder


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