Etsy Spotlight: Catwoman Can Has Cheezburger

Does Batman slip her the pickle or is this a sausagefest? We’re not sure.

We admit, we love Catwoman. Sometimes she’s good, sometimes she’s bad, sometimes she’s so bad she’s good (hello, Eartha Kitt). We even stick with her when she’s just bad. (Ahem, Halle Berry.)

On Etsy, Catwoman is sexy, bold, even cutesy at times, but this is the first time she’s needed a hairnet and a nametag. This wild mashup of Catwoman and Burger King will haunt you in your dreams tonight. Frankly, we think that if Catwoman and Burger King just hooked up, this would actually look more like the Hamburglar in black latex with a craving for beef patties and diamonds. Plus, Catwoman would totally pawn that crown.

This is part of a spray-paint art series called Fast Food Villains, and just wait until you see the Joker. Forget lipstick on a pig, lipstick on a chicken would be ten times more terrifying. But honestly? the Wendy’s/Harley Quinn mashup kinda kicks ass.




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