Wendy Pini Day

Photo credit: Elfquest.com

Happy Birthday to Wendy Pini, one half of Warp Graphics and creator of the comic we all got into after we read the LOTR books: ElfQuest.

Wendy is a trailblazing inspiration for female artists everywhere; she started her art career on the con circuit in the 1960s, and became a professional illustrator for science fiction magazines during the 1970s when there weren’t many women in the business. She and her husband struck out on their own in 1977 with ElfQuest, which proceeded to magnetically attract every single award imaginable in the following years.

Of course, she’s done other things besides ElfQuest, like the stunning (NSFW) re-visualization of Edgar Allan Poe’s Masque of the Red Death, along with other projects through the years. While the ElfQuest movie may no longer be happening, Wendy still has more stories to tell in the world she created, which suits her fans just fine. What? You’ve never read ElfQuest? We won’t ask what’s wrong with you, we’ll just give you this: a link to the official ElfQuest site, complete with a free digital archive of the comic online. It may be her birthday, but you get the present.


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